I want to celebrate play

We play games. Play music. Play with toys. Play invigorates and stimulates. We brainstorm and explore. We stretch our imaginations. We tell stories. We create new ideas, new worlds, and new approaches. Once learned, play’s lessons help us figure out the world

Play can include (or exclude) toys. Toys can be anything. A box. A rock. A paper towel tube. Toys can be manufactured, branded and patented. No matter their simplicity or complexity, toys fuel the imagination and spark memories. Toys remind us to play.

I want to talk about toys I played with and take a look at the history and significance of both modern and vintage toys.  I plan to share my play stories. While personal, I think much of my experience is also universal. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines rhapsody as “a miscellaneous collection; a medley (of words, ideas, narratives, etc.); spec. a literary work consisting of miscellaneous or disconnected pieces; a written composition without a fixed plan.” Toy Rhapsody is my miscellaneous collection about play

I am Angela Crocker. I am a child of the 1970s and 1980s. I’m a Mom of the 2000s and 2010s. I love books, travel,  choirs, toys, aquafit, and beaches.  I’m also a technical writer, published author, post-secondary instructor and professional speaker. Read more about my professional life at AngelaCrocker.com

A few housekeeping details:

  • I am open to potential partnerships provided we agree on full disclosure. Any topic that mentions products or services provided for promotional consideration will be clearly identified. 
  • Interested bloggers are invited to propose guest posts by email.
  • All text and photography is copyright Angela Crocker unless otherwise noted. 
  • Contact me at 604-727-6974 or angela@angelacrocker.com

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