Fashion Plates

Recently, I was shopping and saw a 2015 version of Fashion Plates. Two expansion packs are available – glamour and sporty. Each sold separately. That’s a bit different from the all styles version I owned in 1978. 

1978 edition of Fashion Plates toy and craft.
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Fashion Plates is part toy and part craft. There are several steps to create a design.

  1. Select upper and lower body plates. Sometimes the upper body requires two pieces – a face plate and a torso plate.
  2. Lift the frame holder and place the selected plates in the recessed cavity.
  3. Secure a piece of paper over the plates and under the frame holder.
  4. Using the black transfer crayon provided, rub over the raised edges on the plates to create an outline.
  5. Remove the paper from the holder to decorate each item.
  6. Fill the outline with colour using the pencil crayons provided (or your own art supplies).
  7. To add texture, use the reverse side of the plates and rub with the desired colour.

The plates can be used in hundreds of combinations to create endless fashions.

Mostly, I remember frustration when the tiles or paper slipped creating a smudgy outline. I was further frustrated when I couldn’t add the detail to match the vision in my head. That said, I’m sure I played with it regularly for several years. The pursuit of perfection, I guess.

I wonder how many of today’s fashion designers and writers played with the original Fashion Plates. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone kept a sketchbook of their childhood designs?

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